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Medical industry application

Medical Industries


  Medical silicone tube is generally used without any color qualities of silica produced for air conductivity, transport liquid, distilled water, not suitable for long transport high concentrations of acid and alkali liquid and organic oils. For maintaining a long service life, will face in the medical silicone tube rated working pressure and ambient temperatures, as the temperature rises, the working pressure medical silicone tube should be reduced, if it exceeds the limit, medical silicone tube may rupture, while often times if fluid transport over 220 degrees chemical composition or fluid with a strong corrosive, can result in reduced service life of medical silicone tube, pipe rupture occurs.Medical silicone tube can be placed in the air for more than 10 years will not be cracking tube aging, although prolonged storage in humid air causes the outer surface of the tube will be yellow, but it will not affect the performance of medical silicone tube.
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